Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Critical Mass Games releases Gruntz Imperator Mecha

The Gruntz Imperator Mecha, (previewed earlier this year) is now available from Critical Mass Games!

Standing over 80mm tall, this is one of the biggest and most heavily-armed mecha ever designed specifically for 15mm gaming.  These would be a great centerpiece for any existing army, escorting mechanized infantry platoons and destroying enemy super-heavy tanks.  Or you could run a platoon of these on their own - stomping around urban battlefields and slaughtering entire squadrons of Rebel Minis HAMRs or Critical Mass Protolene Walkers.  If you want to see some more pictures of this monster, check out Robin Fitton's assembly log here and a finished gallery here.

Click HERE to buy them - £20.00 each or FOUR for £60.00.



  1. There are several people like Jon Paulson who are making N scale Battletech/ Macross Mecha as well. They usually want $20-25 for them. They are excellent castings. This one is nice but WAY too expensive!

  2. Opinions seem mixed on whether or not this is a fair price. I think it is, for its size and level of detail. It's just slightly more expensive than the Ravenstar Thunderfoot and the Khurasan L-HAC, which are the only dedicated 15mm mecha of similar size.

    I don't see this as something that would replace an MBT 1 for 1. Instead, I see this as a centerpiece, something that would replace an entire squadron of MBTs.

    Critical Mass has promised some more comparison pictures in the coming days. I think once it's seen alongside their current walkers, it will seem like a good value.

  3. You made a good point Chris that this kind of statement model for the 15mm Sci Fi tabletop cannot be compared on a pound vs pound / dollar vs dollar basis against more conventional 15mm armour.

    One-off models like this cannot easily be compared with other manufacturers products as their function is less important than their individual appeal.

    To be fair to Khurasan, the 100mm tall L-HAC is $19.99, which is just £12.67 at today's conversion rates. To me, this makes the L-HAC good value when you consider it's 37% less expensive than the Imperator at £20.