Thursday 26 March 2009

GZG's New 15mm Sci-Fi Building fittings PREVIEW

Sci-Fi Building fittings in 15mm scale

A completely NEW range of metal add-on parts for making and detailing your own buildings for your SF battlefields. These parts are designed to "dress-up" structures made from anything you like - foam blocks, packaging materials, card or whatever. The example building (rather over-detailed to show the whole range!) was knocked together in 10 minutes with a scrap of black foamcore board and some UHU, just to show how easily you can make a basic structure.

The following packs are OUT NOW, with more to come:

V15-BLD 1 Armoured Bunker/Blast Doors (6 - 3 each of 2 types) £5.00
V15-BLD 2 Large Doors - loading areas, garage bays (4 - 2 each of 2 types) £6.00
V15-BLD 3 Civilian Building Doors (6 - 4 single (2 types) and 2 double) £2.50
V15-BLD 4 Small Pressure Hatches (10 - 5 each round and square) £2.50
V15-BLD 5 Large Pressure Hatches (8 - 4 each round and rectangular) £2.50
V15-BLD 6 Roof Fittings A (2 large and 3 small Comms dishes, 4 enviro/power units) £5.00
V15-BLD 7 Roof Fittings B (vents, exhausts, aircon units, aerial bases - 8 pieces) £4.00
V15-BLD 8 Vent Grilles, square and round (3 each of 3 types) £2.50

Bloody Marvellous Jon! A great step forward for 15mm Sci Fi gamers. Well Done!


NOTE: All new codes are in production and will be available at SALUTE on the 28th March - shortly after that they will be up on the webstore for mail ordering.


  1. These are some damn nice looking bits!

  2. Speaking for myself, I'd use those plastic containers that Super Wal-Marts pack their meat in. (

  3. OMG, OMG, OMG.... there is some great stuff here


  4. Dam must make some buildings for stargrunt now those bits look so cool :)