Monday 30 March 2009

Breaking News..............

....4 Beaumonde Steelers 12, with a penalty in the last 15 from Dakota Xia. Back to system news and Exenogeni Research GmBh, a division of the Blue Sun Corporation, continue to deny that the experiments in their HotLab facility at Mt Liang Shan have any kind of military application.

Dr Walter Tuffley stated, "its pure speculation, we are develping better poducts for a better Alliance, for a better BUGS! BUGS IN THE TUNNELS! THEY GOT IN THE PERIMETERBADADADADADADA ERK ssssssssssssssssssssssss"

Now here is some light music.......sponsored by Blue Sun Travel.


  1. Well, It looks like dumb models can at least read a
    I wonder when they will "Blow it to Hell"...for real?

  2. Prompter? I barely know her.

    Those are fantastic figs, by the way. I've just ordered two sets of the Hammerheads. I feel a "Pitch Black" scenario coming on.