Sunday 8 March 2009

Life, The Universe and Spugs

Last week was a mixed week both at home and at work. Ups and downs in both cases.

I'm fitting in with a new boss, nice person, who I don't actually report to. I now have three people to consult in order to take a day off. I'm afraid that 'matrix management' in our organisation is ......well, not a happy experience.

"Simply demanding results will not achieve them"
Quote: Resident Evil Extinction

I have 15 working days left as a Project Leader, currently on loan to M&I, before I move to IT, due to scaling down within the organisation. I still have a job, so am thankful, believe me I am thankful. Possibly I could have a grumble but there's no real complaint given the financial climate.

Over the next 10 days I'm running workshops for the great and the good. Will probably have to work into the evenings this week processing the outcomes of each day's gap analysis event, so I am going to postpone GREYS Week till after the coming weekend.

Meanwhile, job hunting has taken a back seat as I've been promised a not insignificant bonus if I'm still with the organisation in May. This will help pay for both Heather's birthday present - a pair of Russian Blue cats and dental repairs. It will also give me time to reflect and repair myself mentally following several mentally and emotionally demanding months.

Friday night I played a small(ish) game based upon a Chechnya style armoured assault on Mudd Eisley using FWC with individual figs rather than squads. A platoon of
Guardia Imperial Mudde Eisley Proteccion (G.I.M.P.s) supported by the 'Reservoir SPARTANS' and an ex-Star Wars Walker stood off attacks by a reduced company sized armoured force of Light Grav Tanks and Grav Panzergrenadiers in Grav APCs (yes, painted silver!). Neat little game. It was nip and tuck though, with the SPARTANS using the Walker to hold the line whilst they regenerated shields to meet the armour. The final assault brought the armour right into the main square - pictured above - Commandante Hernadez Baal'gag leading the insanely heroic but daft counter-attack.

The Spugs simply aren't gelling with me in the way I expected, so I've put them away in a drawer until I receive the new bases, which are on order. Instead, I spent Saturday preparing Rebel Minis'
L.A. SWAT Team for painting this week, as they'll be simple - black undercoat and blue drybrush.

I've mounted four pairs of miniatures on small FOW bases and mounted the remaining 4 figures individually on some redundant small round bases that came with the Old Crow Sci Fi infantry.

Works quite well I think. I had been tempted to do some kind of urban camo which certain SWAT forces use, but I do just want to keep it simple at this stage.

Most of the day disappeared painting and basing, another 'cohort' of Terminators - HOF30 Automata Infantry from Effectively doubling the number of robotic infantry available to me. I love these miniatures and have played several fun games with them using ALIEN SQUAD LEADER V1.0 (ASqL).

My current 200 point Mechanoid Army is:

10 Stands of Robotic Infantry
3 Stands of Heavy (Assault) Droids
- or three GZG GunCrabs depending which suits
2 Titans

I will upgrade this force with
GZG's unmanned AV-12/U Mantis VTOL Gunships as Robotic Attack Craft (Distant Flyers in the rules) and possibly some GZG MAWP Mobile Autonomous Weapons Platforms (tracked) - shiny metal finish of course!

The Mechanoids are probably the easiest possible army to get on the table. Attach 10-15 robot infantry onto an old CD and liberally coat them in black ink. Once dry, take a lightly moistened cloth and brush across the miniature to wipe the ink off exposed surfaces. A minute per miniature! En masse they look stunningly malevolent! All they need now is to have their eyes painted a glowing red and the bases finished off. I'm not even worried about varnishing!

Automata Infantry from
on the workbench

Yesterday evening Heather and I had a magnificent Indian Take-Away from the Alma Hotel in Laurencekirk. Pricey, but consistently good, absolutely lovely Indian food. It was a celebratory meal as Heather had good career news at work during the week.

We went for a Tandoori 'blow out' - the mixed Tandoori Grill supplemented with Tandoori Giant butterfly Prawns - plus all the usual trimmings - Aloo Sag, something spicey Aloo, Poppadums and garlic Nan. I think we may be able to eat again on Tuesday!

I'm afraid we couldn't face the complimentary Nan bread that was included with the meal, so that has gone out to feed the Crows in the garden. They enjoy both Nan and Garlic bread - which we can never put out for them without mimicking Peter Kay's "Garlic Bread" routine.

Today I'll get the Rebel Minis' BIO-Hazard Assault Group cleaned, ready for painting during the week as time permits. Even if it's just a couple of figs a night. Once again, magnificent miniatures for just being what they are - guys in Bio-Hazard suits. I can already feel the need to settle in with a couple of Magners and watch Resident Evil Extinction on DVD this afternoon. Nothing at all to do with Bio-Hazard suits, I simply like Ali Larter and Amy Smart (click here). Oh, and Mucho Zombieness!



  1. Wow, that was a heavily loaded post. A lot going on for you. I wish that I could manage that level of productivity and still get my day to day family/home business taken care of too.

    You have mentioned Mud Eisley a few times. Any chance we might get a get tour around your terrain, sometime? I am working on a combination of colony buildings and local "native" structures for my 15mm sci-fi project, and am looking for inspiration.



  2. Hi Eli

    Mudd Eisley is my 'Urbanis Generica'. Next time I set up the table during the day, I'll take plenty of pics of my Sci Fi 'cribs'.


  3. Cool. Look forward to it. Perhaps you could do a feature on 15mm sci-fi terrain?

  4. I look forward like Eli to seeing some of the terrain.