Thursday 26 March 2009

Life Work The Universe......Spreadsheet Fatigue

You'll be glad to know that I managed to get my report for the Scottish Government done and dusted at 12.03pm GMT today. It's a glowing masterpiece of gap analysis, opportunity realisation and spider diagrams.

And that as they say, is it!

Am I left with a sense of pride at a job well done? Nah....simply Spreadsheet Fatigue.

Tomorrow I have a full day in which to make sure my project documentation is up to date, my laptop is scrubbed and desk cleared before moving on........

And it is about moving on. As Heroditus says: "No man crosses the same river twice. For the man has changed and so has the river".

Yesterday I was given a glimpse of my potential - have Michael at Black Autumn Productions to thank for some brilliant positive reinforcement that made yesterday possible - and Jon at GZG too for keeping me sane during an intense period at work. Yesterday changed me as a person. Won't bore you with the details suffice to say, work and possibly my long term career is going to change positively.

Last night was first show of the new series of The Apprentice on the BBC. 15 people chosen more for their inability to get on. It's complete "shadenfroid" TV, but there is a reason to keep me watching....

Katie Walsh, a passion for gym workouts

Each week the contestants assign a nominal fall-guy as "Project Manager", then will give themselves titles such as "Head of Market Research", "Head of Acquitions", "Head of Supply Chain" - when the task is to get some detergent and make as much money as possible in 8 hours doing laundry.

Of course, four will rush off together to make a single 'pitch' to a prospective customer - WHY? 4 brains of commerce = 4 pitches in my book, if of course that's what's needed.

Then they 'big' up what the menial task they have been given talking about "quality", "repeat business" etc. WHY? Tomorrow will be another task. Take the money and run. And hopefully live to fight in the 'boardroom' another day.

Friday night. Pub!



  1. The apprentice, definately worth watching, and especially for the blond :)