Friday 27 March 2009

GZG 15mm Wheeled/Hover MAWP PREVIEW

New 15mm Mobile Autonomous Weapon System variants from GZG.

V15-62A Wheeled MAWP with tribarrel autocannon £2.50
V15-62B Wheeled MAWP with plasma cannon £2.50
V15-62C Wheeled MAWP with missile system £2.50

V15-61A Hover MAWP with tribarrel autocannon £2.50
V15-61B Hover MAWP with plasma cannon £2.50
V15-61C Hover MAWP with missile system £2.50


NOTE: All new codes are in production and will be available at SALUTE on the 28th March - shortly after that they will be up on the webstore for mail ordering.

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