Saturday 28 March 2009

Life Work The Universe......and The Space Demon of all Hangovers!

I spent yesterday with the Space Demon of all hangovers! It felt these guys were running around inside my head. I could even hear the 'blips'......!!!

But it was worth it! I was out on Friday night with four very attractive young women, most of whom have beem my colleagues over the past seven months. I was Top Dog for the evening and boy did I have fun!

One of the girls introduced both me and Hen. a teetotaller, to an awesome nip - a Slippery Nipple (Aberdeen style), Grenadine, Sambuca and Baileys Irish Cream. Knock back in one - and to quote John Travolta in Broken Arrow: GODDAMN WHAT A RUSH!

The party moved from the 'Still, to the Prince of Wales for a shot (longest bar in Scotland btw) then onto the Vodka Bar. It was a late, late night.

Saturday morning I found myself on the sofa covered in the dog blanket.......

Despite the self inflicted pain, the day was barely lost due to a bitterly cold NE wind which rattled the windows and made the hills disappear in a thick mist of snow. A good day to nurse my head and stay inside. So, I quietly spent the rest of the morning preparing these absolutely lovely Space Demons from Khurasan Miniatures for painting. They were a real joy and it was fun working out different head positions to create as much variation as possible. I took a few more photos which I'll pop up later today or tomorrow.

Jon's next Sci Fi releases from Khurasan will be the Garn (Lizard warriors) and he's talking about supporting the range with Garn armour too. I was given a platoon box of GZG Kra'Vak tanks as a Christmas present. These will be the mainstay of my Garn armour.

Just before mid-day postie arrived with the order I'd placed with GZG earlier in the week. I used the money from a small bonus cheque to enlarge my wheeled Mid-Tech AFV footprint to encompass a platoon of 8 Wheeled APCs plus a V15-52A 8-wheel Fire Support Vehicle/Mobile Gun System (Tank Killer).

This is a great model. I'll get a second one for the tabletop and that will give me a discrete stand alone Mid-Tech force. I think I'm drawn to these GZG 8 wheelers because the first Airfix kit I had as a child was the Sdkfz234/4. My uncle Tony was a kit modeller who made/painted one for me.

Looking at the model - with an eye to a quick 234/2 style kitbash, I feel that if Jon dropped the rear compartment to mirror the slope of the fenders then it could possibly make for quite a sleek armoured car/ ATGW vehicle.

I am left with a problem now of where to fit in my DLD Kamodo HFS model. I only have one but it's beautiful. It just doesn't fit in any of my current ORBATaa - though I suppose it's not a problem as Alien Squad Leader rejoices in encouraging you to field AFV's in ones and two's, allowing you to get your favourite models on the tabletop without having to speand a fortune on a whole platoon of them.

After following some threads on TMP regarding the Eureka 300 club, I've committed to 50 'Non'Aslan' Sci Fi Lion troops and 50 Ventaurans (based on Denizen Miniatures very nice 25mm figures). Just wanted to give the figures and those who want them some additional support.

To be honest, I think I'll still go ahead and have my own small but discrete range of 'Zod Commandos' (Dropship Horizon 2009©) in elipitcal helmets sculpted, cast and sold privately through Dropship.

It's been an outstanding week for news and releases from Khurasan, Rebel Minis, GFI and GZG. I have to say that GZG took me completely by surprise with all it's goodies. Going to have to make a plan......or end up with a lot of models and nothing to show for it!



  1. I take it these Zod Commandos will resemble Zhodani in their combat armour? I sure hope so, and would look to purchase some if they more closely resemble the Zho' than Eureka's Ventaurans.

  2. Hi Mark, if you're a member of SFSFW, would you mention the 15mm Sci-Fi Lionmen Project on their yahoo group?

    There's a link to the TMP discussion and Eureka site on my blog, just above "followers".

    Thanks very much for your help.
    Keith F.

  3. If there was a decent range of 15mm figures that could faithfully invoke the "Zhodani look", I would buy a full company of them + support teams.

  4. Me too and I'm sure many others!