Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Space Demons Make Planetfall!!!

The first images have begun to emerge from the security cameras in the tunnels of Exenogeni Research facility at Mt Liang Shan. Officials speaking on behalf of the............

I am delighted to announce that Khurasan Miniatures Space Demons have finally made planetfall!

The man-size warriors come in three types, Assault Warriors (four different body poses and two different separate heads), Infiltrator Warriors (four different body poses and two different separate heads) different separate heads) and Hammerhead Warriors (four different body poses and one head variation). The huge (28mm) command creatures (King and Queen Space Demons) come with separate heads and back spines, which are interchangable.

More information is available at the Khurasan Miniatures website (Click here).

Click on the Space Demons Label below for more photos and a preview of the Space Demons here on DROPSHIP HORIZON.


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  1. Nice :) That is, both the figures and the newsreader ! LOL :)