Sunday 1 March 2009

Spug Week: Variations on a Theme

I'm annoyed with myself that I haven't finished my Spugs. One batch are complete and have even been in action, but as a potential FWC 'army' they're just not inspiring me. Mind you, they've had plenty of competition this week from both Jon's new NAC Marines and some new equally excellent Sci Fi figures due to be released by another miniatures company.

Meanwhile, I thought you'd like to see some photos of Spug test pieces I began painting. First up is Mr Green. White undercoat and two coats of Citadel Thakka Green wash. Not bad. Quite vibrant - great for temperate or jungle battelfields. I'm sure a yellow undercoat under the green wash would have been better still.

I may drybrush the weapon in Tau Sept Yellow or a light green so it has more of an organic look to it. Then again maybe not and go for something a bit more garish to highlight the alieness of Spugs.

Next are 'Martian Spugs'. An undercoat of Citadel Tau Sept Yellow basecoat which dries less yellow than in the pot to a darker ochre/dark sand, straight onto the bare metal. This was followed by two coats of Citadel Baal Red wash. I hated the finish at this point.

So I popped a quick brush of Citadel 'chestnut' ink into the crannies, around the eyes etc, then took a brush laden with heavily watered Miniature Paints'
Red and dragged it across areas including the shin guards and top of the head. Left for 48 hours (only 'cause I was out on the merry), I came back to miniatures I really like the look of and am looking forward to finishing off.

I've decided to buy some small 2 and 3 figure FOW style urban bases from The Scene to try with the Spugs. Whilst my initial thinking revolved around Mars, I now think that the urban look of these bases will give the Spugs a more dramatic and edgy 'fall of man' feel to them. I also deliberately want the small bases to emphasise expendable hordes of Spugs. The fact that I could then readily use them as proxies for games with a Gears of War background hasn't escaped me.

Small 2 figure FOW style bases from The Scene

I'll post pics of all the finished Spug variants next week and again once I have the bases and they're based.


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