Tuesday 3 March 2009

Pitch Black - Boneyard in 15mm

Pitch Black (2000) with Vin Diesal and Radha Mitchell had it's moments. You can't help but love those pterodactyl raptors and I've always wanted to recreate something similar to the bone graveyard on my tabletop.

I tried chicken, pheasant and partridge bones, and in each case grossed out my wife. But none really did the trick.

Friday however, I found the perfect solution in my local POUNDLAND. Plastic dinosaur skeletons. Went back today when I had time and picked up several of these FUN-TIME 'kits' at £1 each.

Various skeletons are available, including a pterodactyl, which they didn't have unfortunately as I think it would have been really cool.

Still, you can see by the photos, not bad eh?

My plan is to mount the best parts of these skeletal structures as scatter terrain, half buried in sand on CD's. Although, I do have an incomplete vision of a long single piece of terrain with several skeletons strung out as a bone graveyard.



  1. Very nice.
    Can't wait to see the completed items (buried, etc.)!

  2. Sounds like a great project.

  3. Great find. I love the idea and look forward to seeing the final elements.