Tuesday 8 March 2011

Life, Work, The Universe...... Options

Remember the options appraisal? Well it's still rumbling on.

Today it all came round in a big circle. I am asked.....

"Why haven't we addressed the biggest corporate priority issue?"

"You have me doing an Options Appraisal?"

"Why are you doing an Options Appraisal?"

"That was my question when you gave it to me"

"So you haven't addressed the corporate priority?"

"No. Your priority was for me to do an Options Appraisal" -  on the solution I had already come to after a fully scoped, analysed and measured options appraisal of my own and had been prepared to implement three weeks ago to solve the corporate priority.

"Our priority now is to solve the corporate priority"

Thank F***!

I'm going to start on some marshy/swamp terrain tonight. Well, I've been in one at work for the last 3 weeks....



  1. Kafka. Freaking Kafka is alive, well, and running your company. :(

  2. Fun idea. Oh yes. Recreate your employer's building in 15mm scale... Then play out one day where it's mysteriously attacked by Xenomorphs, or Zombies, or some other such plague......You of course are a hero tailored into whatever system used. You just happen to fail to save your boss(And least favourite co-workers, and perhaps tragically, a favourite co-worker to make the story less Mary-sue terriffic at the end) from being eaten/hosted/slaughtered/dragged away/other horrible outcome, etc etc..... Hmmm..... To the plasticard and work table! I'm going to do that with my workplace now....which is thankfully one story and consists mostly of two conjoined warehouses. Easy.