Tuesday 15 March 2011

How to Get Blue Moon 15/18mm Sci Fi in UK

I had decided to go for a couple of packs of Blue Moon Manufacturing's Sci Fi figures until that is I saw the postage rates to the UK and thought "Rebel Minis are just $5. You are having a giraffe fellas!"

 Blue Moon Manufacturing 15/18mm Sci Fi
Orion Republic Heavy Infantry

So yesterday I emailed Andy at Old Glory UK. Andy got back to me straight away and said that he's happy to take orders for the range and will include them in his monthly order to Blue Moon. He reckons they'll be around £5 a pack plus normal Old Glory UK postage. Turn round once order placed 4-6 weeks, maybe less. Cheers Andy. Good bloke!

If you are starting out in 15mm Sci Fi, a pack of this, that the other from Blue Moon will populate your wretched hive of scum and villainy. So, if you want to get hold of these Sci Fi retro delights, email Andy at info@oldglory.com

I have to say that to me, there's very much a silver painted washing up squeezy bottle spaceship feel about these minis. I used to work in Education and visiting primary schools I'd regularly come across the obligatory silver painted 'Sci Fi City' made out of cereal boxes, butter tubs, Dairy Lea cartons and toilet tubes. I loved them for their naivety and quietly wished to myself, that I could take them home to play a Sci Fi game with. And you know, Blue Moon are just THE figures that would have been right at home here with their campy retro Cold War era Sci Fi character.

The Orion Republic Heavy infantry are a must have. There's something W40K meets Forbidden Planet that I find appealing. The Terran Confederation Legion Troopers (that's a mouthful) also as they have a certain Emperor Mong humanoid bad guy vibe.

In fact, I think this entire range is perfect for Alien Squad Leader v0.2 which is a fun no-nonsense game that plays to the pulp'iness of these miniatures and will encourage me to order more of the alien codes in due course.



  1. You won't regret Blue Moon.
    I bought several packs of the Orion Marines & Vleta raiders. They also have a pack of 6 minis that make pretty good unarmed 'wookies'.

    I haven't painted the Orions yet- but really looking forward to them. I did finish the Vleta though, you can see them here: http://laughingferret.blogspot.com/2011/03/smiles-everyone-smiles.html

    Blue moon have a very pulpy style. They also have the Aquans, which are dead-ringers for Rodians, more widely known as Greedo aliens. They're on my wish list to get someday.

  2. Great news! I'm waiting for my pirates and cowboys from Blue Moon to arrive - but I was keeping an eye on their S-F range for quite some time now, so I guess it won't end with that.

  3. Nice to see someone find a way around paying their outrageous postage. I live in the next state over from them and they want $10 minimum for shipping in the U.S. Insane! MADNESS I DECLARE!

    Khurasan charges me a nice $6 and Rebel a nicer $5. Less money spent on postage = more money spent on minis.