Monday 7 March 2011

Life Imitating Art

Cosplay Colonial Marines from the movie Aliens?

No, modern Russians/CIS troops.
Now, imagine the guys from 9 Rota landing on LV-426

 "Is this going to be another ошибка охота?"
"I only need to know one thing......Where is the Vodka!"
конечной задира! Государство задира искусства!"

Now is this a new JBR prototype
for Khurasan Miniatures?

No its a BMP. No, it's a BTR. No it's a BRDM.
No it's a DPB (duck billed platypus)??? 
Must have been one hell of a hangover!



  1. LOL, I have never heard of the DPB before, and are you going to use them as guys up top for your base of current russian troops?

  2. Awesome looking soldiers. So very close to the infantry in Aliens.


  3. You know...only problem I have with the 9 Rota movie is....I can't understand Russian, nor Dutch and I can only find copies in Russian dub with Dutch subtitles.....That and the massive historical inaccuracies, but those are far, far less important to me than obtaining a copy which at least has readable subtitles. Roflmao.

  4. Wow !
    Strange looking vehicle !