Friday, 4 November 2011

News flash: Ravenstar Studios walkers and tanks

Back in July Chris at Ravenstar Studios announced his new 15mm venture, showcasing some grav tanks and a heavy walker. Well, things have progressed quite a bit and today he's showing us a lot more! Besides the re-worked Thunderfoot and tanks we saw previously there are the Silverback assault mech, Stalker walker tank and Fox walker tank. I'm especially keen on the Silverbacks...

We're not quite sure when these will be available for purchase, but will make an update when we do These will be available in November. Some more pics (including size comparison) over at the Ravenstar blog!

Big and stompy, just how I like 'em!


  1. I cant wait for these to reach full production so that i can get my grubby little hands on them, my favorite out of the lot has to be the hunched up Silverback assault mech which i think actually resembles an ape with it elongated arms and short bowed legs, im not to keen on the big hand weapon but i hope thats a seperat optional piece. Great work Chris i am really pleased to see that you are working in 15mm scale now, the more the merrier.

  2. Also the Stalker quad mech would make a fantastic looking tank killer if you were to replace the legs with a grav drive or even a track system, just a thought...

  3. Zac, I thought the same thing when I saw the guns for the Silverbacks, but like you say they're probably easy to mod.

    It's nice with some mechs that actually look roomy enough to have a pilot in them. :)