Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Combat Wombat's "Holy Crap it's Almost Christmas" Sale

To celebrate Scotty's recent bout of pneumonia, Combat Wombat Miniatures is having a sale.  (don't try to make sense of it - just enjoy it!)  

WZ-1551 MICV

Through 15 December, orders under $100 (before shipping) are 10% off.  Orders Over $100 (before shipping) are 20% off.
Bullfrog Landing Craft

CWM recently started to accept money orders, as well as traditional PayPal.  Antibiotics may also be valid currency, subject to local laws.

Scorpion Recce with optional brass barrel

If you've had an eye on any Combat Wombat vehicles or buildings, or just want to use some of his brass barrels to upgrade your existing armor, now is the perfect time to buy!


1 comment:

  1. I also thought already about brass barrels for the Tanks in 15mm. Have look at this one.

    Good job!