Monday, 28 November 2011

Brigade Models announces annual Xmas Sale

From Tony at Brigade Models-

"Welcome once more to our Xmas sale. As for the previous couple of years, we're running a blanket discount rather than specific special offers, since everyone seems to like them. Although there are a few exceptions*, this isn't a '15% of selected items' or 'Up to 15% off' sale, it's a real '15% off everything' sale.

So once again that's 15% off all of our models* - Aeronef, starships, Land Ironclads, 15mm and 6mm tanks, Squadron Commander, Iron Stars, WWI Belgians ... all except Celtos, where the Celtic Gods are being even more generous ... 25% off Celtos miniatures!

And that's it - no minimum or maximum orders, just a blanket discount for the whole of December. So what are you waiting for ? Go out there and shop !

* - There are just a few exceptions and conditions, as you might expect ... percentage shipping rates will still be charged at the full item cost, since we were unable to persuade the post office to match our offers ! The discount covers our metal and resin models - it doesn't apply to rulebooks, dice, bases, game mats, Xmarx buildings or anything else that we don't manufacture ourselves, simply because the margins on those items are much tighter. However, starter packs with rules, dice or bases in are covered. Even with these limitations, we're sure you'll agree it's a mighty fine offer !"

Click on the link to see full details.

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  1. Very nice. Between the sale, deducting VAT, and the current exchange rate, it's a good time for US customers to buy from Brigade.

    I also see that the Atlas VTOL is back on their store. It was out of production for a few years. I'm going to have to pick up one of those some of their new buildings, and a few more Eurofed vehicles.

    Might even take the plunge on some of Germy's Cimexian stuff...