Tuesday 31 December 2013

15mm.co.uk - New Rim Mercenaries

By Eli

The gents at 15mm.co.uk have been at it again...

HOF103 Rim Mercenaries II
This pack contains ten white metal 15mm scale miniatures in a mix of three different poses. Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.  Save 15% off list price until 8th January 2014 on the website.  HERE.
The outer edge of Human Space is a dangerous place filled with planetary brush wars, raiders and alien menace. Sometimes your local governor just has to bite the bullet and call in the mercenaries. Tough and capable and paid by the day these fellow will keep you safe for a price.

Added to our existing HOF54 Rim Mercenaries, HOF82 Rim Mercenaries Patrol and HOF83 Rim Mercenary Support is our fourth pack in this part of the HOF Range. These mix ideally with the other packs for a varied force of a low to medium future tech level.

More info - HERE!


  1. They're nice, I especially like the guy in the beret. With a few slight conversions you could make those 3 poses into a mob of individual-looking guys too.

    1. Thanks. We are talking possible vehicles for them over on the 15mm.co.uk blog, interesting chat. All of the poses in all the packs of Rim Mercs are real one offs, no standard uniforms or weapons.