Saturday 21 December 2013

A Note on Re-posted Content

By Eli

Hey folks,

I just wanted to chime in real quick and address something that may not be a problem, but I certainly would hate to become one.

As announced earlier, Dropship Horizon will now be hosting posts taken from other blogs. We are doing this by the good graces and cooperation of the original posting bloggers and I'd like to make sure they get credit where it is due. To make sure this happens, please note the by line following the title of these posts. The crew and I started doing this with our own posts a bit ago, but with these shared posts it becomes even more particular because the posts will show as "authored" by DSH crewmen, even though they were taken from other blogs.

So, just make sure that, when you are giving props to the content of these shared posts, you are throwing it at the right person. 

I sure as heck didn't write all these cool posts :)




  1. And visit the original blog to leave a comment there! Blogger love comments like ducks love water.

  2. Hello Eli,

    Valid points, as is Allison M's too. I would chirp in with a note to begin all reposts with the line, perhaps in a different colour like red, original post HERE (link) by 'name'. This will allow re-posting and avoid confusion.