Thursday 12 December 2013

Pistols at Ten Paces

New Ion Age Packs and a New Special Monthly Miniature!

The Ion Age is definitely upon us as the stream of new codes grows ever longer. This week we see the release of IAFL03 Retained Pistoliers, a limited edition (500 total) pack of Retained packing twin pistols.


Also being featured is AIAF02 Maligs. While not new, these scruffy looking little greenies make a perfect counterpoint to any bright and shiny force, be they Retained or otherwise. There is even a 10% discount applied to all Malig codes on the site until December 19th.

And lest we forget, there is this month's special miniature. A holiday theme, as it should be, IMP04 Santa Desteria is available this month only and is included free with every Ion Age order. IMP04 Can also be purchased alone.

A lot of new stuff from The Ion Age and all looking very cool. For more information on the items in this post, other Ion Age releases and general Ion Age hobby news and fun, check out there blog - HERE.


  1. That female RK pistolier is very cool for some reason. The male almost as much, plus he somehow looks like Kurt Russell here.

    I may have to order some Ion Age very soon, before Canada Post's rate hikes turn into higher cross border shipping charges. Is it true you can actually order Ion Age and stuff at the same time? Because I could use some stuff from both.

    1. Sorry for the delay in reply. I took a day off..first in a while. Also got delayed by the thread on TMP about this release too.

      "I heard you were lead Snake". "Yeah, I get that a lot". Good stuff.

      Yes we offer combined orders to several dozen customers a month and the terms are straight forward. Select the items you wish and send an email to any one of our websites. We will total up the order, charging the current postage terms for the brand from which the majority of the product comes from and then send you a paypal invoice. Pay it and we mail your order.

      I look forward to hearing from you.