Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Something Wicked From 15mm.co.uk

Flower of Evil
By Eli

A nasty bit of fun kicks off 15mm.co.uk's new line of Eldritch Horror miniatures with EH01 Flower of Evil. While not exactly a scifi miniatures, this nasty manifestation would certainly be at home in some crossover games or as extraterrestrial flora or even fauna. Heck, it could even be an ambassador of an entire star empire.

For more information on this cool new release, head of over - HERE.


  1. Well, until this post, I've been wondering what to put into a death-pit. I want a terrible horror which devours its victims slowly and with much gusto. I may have just found my nemesis. Looks like it has already had a Spacer for an hors d'oeuvre...and is getting ready for the main course!

  2. @Jay: I agree, this sounds like the very bottom of a death-pit ^^