Thursday 19 December 2013

Mad Mecha Guy Containers

By Paul
From Mini Metal Mahem

 A few photographs of some of my laser cut MDF crates from Mad Mecha Guy.  These have been painted in the colours of the IMEC mining company who inhabit my fictional sci-fi universe.  I've used a Wilko red emulsion tester (I think it was "flame"!) and drybrushed with desert sand for a slightly dusty, used finish.  These will come in handy for decorating the starport or an industrial site.

Ready to load the truck

An assortment of crate - 3, 6, and 9cm lengths

15mm figures for scale.

The tops of some have been left open

Old toy lorry gets repaint in IMEC colors

IMEC logo stenciled on


  1. These are very nice... the red makes them stand out nicely.

    1. I agree the color and symbol really look good on these models!

  2. I'd strongly recommend these crates as very quick and easy to assemble/paint scenery for breaking up lines of sight etc.

    Thanks to DropShip Horizon for reposting it!