Thursday 12 December 2013

Sci-fi All Terrain Vehicle?

By Mark Burgess 

Hi all,

While perusing the toy aisle of a well known supermarket, we all need inspiration from somewhere, my eagle eyes spotted this interesting little gem from Hot Wheels. 


I thought this Max Steel Turbo Racer (pictured below) would make a interesting Sci-fi vehicle. I had no idea who Max Steel was and had to google him!

Once painted to go with my sci-fi army, it made quite a nice buggy/recon vehicle. To give it some offensive capability I added a grenade launcher to the roof.

I am please with how it turned out, I think i'll paint up a couple more of these for some light vehicle support.

Editor's Note - Let me say thank you to Mark for allowing us to pick at his blog for interesting posts that we feel will demonstrate the joys of the 15mm sci-fi hobby. Mark is not the only one to offer up his blog feeds, so you should be seeing interesting material from around the blogaverse coming to roost here.



  1. Sweet conversion! I like this ride alot.

  2. That's sharp! I'll have to see if I can pick some of those HWs at work. Those would fit in nicely with the army I beginning to put together.

  3. Matchbox have an off road and snow rescue series that have some excellent vehicles.

  4. I picked this up for my Kra'Vak. Great vehicle.

  5. I've got quite a few Matchbox conversions (usually just a repaint!). This one is another great candidate...

  6. I was just shopping for Hot Wheels the other day for Xmas, and thought they had a bunch of stuff that could be converted for 15mm use. The major obstacle is their robust metal construction, but a simple repaint and bitz addition like this works quite well.

  7. Huzzah! Got one this evening. No idea who I'm using it for but I now have one!