Monday 22 March 2010

Pole Bitwy Go Live!

The wait is over!
Piotr's new webstore
is up and running...

Immediately available are:

Simian Troopers with Rifles
: 4x 25mm tall Giant Space Apes
Simian Command Squad: Giant Space Ape leader and heavy weapons

Human Cultist Coven with Polearms: 8 figures per pack
Human Cultist Coven: 32 figure bumber pack

Infected Males: 8 figures per pack
Infected Women and kids: 8 figures per pack

These also come in a sample pack of Mixed Infected Humans and as a bumper 64 figure Infected Horde!

Be prepared for a lot of exciting new figures and products from Sci Fi to Horror, Pulp, Weird World War Two and Modern.

Visit Pole Bitwy here!



  1. Thanks Mark !

    We have more releases scheduled for the end of the week / early next week, as soon as our caster contacts us.

  2. Can't wait for PB's Centauriods...Posleen here we come!

  3. Panzerfaust150: Currently working on baskets for Centauroids stuffed full of gory human body parts :D
    Empty baskets will also be available.