Saturday, 27 March 2010

Saturday Workbench

Well, only part of my workbench - I just took the snap to send to Master Chef before I finished the Old Crow 'Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighters' - to illustrate my '30 second desert cammie' finish.

The painted trooper on the right is first of my second fireteam of GZG L-UNSC. Just out of picture are a couple of troopers painted yellow who'll be finished today as well - all in between cooking a Steak & Guiness Pie using Jamie Oliver's recipe.

Old Crow 15mm Sci Fi Infantry
White undercoat, GW Gryphone Sepia Wash. Done.

The Old Crow minis are part of two platoons destined for Tom.War. Based in two's because I find it looks more cohesive and gives a better feeling of small unit organisation.

I could easily super-detail these figures but don't want to. I had planned to paint them Vallejo German Orange Ochre but liked how this quick and simple finish turned out. I'll pick out a few details and leave it at that. I still have a squad of GRAW warriors individually based in the original paint scheme Vallejo Dead Flesh/Desert Yellow as modern super troopers for skirmish games and quick Ambush Alley/Force on Force encounters.

GZG L-UNSC Fireteam Leader
Don't make me paint the kneepads!

Of course, this is only the part of my workbench that I'm not embarrassed to show - got out of hand a bit recently - Khurasan Vespulids who are ahem, a bit yellow just now, a GZG AV-7 "FanVan" VTOL Utility Transport, various conversions, Lime Goo, post apocalypse and odds and sods in various states of finish.



  1. Oh the luxury of having a workbench! our kitchen table is overun by paints, various, 1970's BAOR uniforms for the use of....

  2. Luxury! We used to get up before we went to bed to paint our toy soldiers.

    BAOR! BAOR! Luxury!....

    LOL! Mark