Thursday 4 March 2010

Pole Bitwy Goes Crazy!

of Pole Bitwy has sent me photos of his soon to be released 15mm Infected and Human Cultists designed by Adam aka WiffWaff!

These are preliminary castings, but the final production casts are expected to arrive early next week!



  1. Not bad at all. The cultists look generic enough to fit in with PA games and even fantasy or medievals.

  2. Silly question, where does one buy his creations? I went to his site, but I couldn't find anything resembling a storefront!

  3. The cultists look perfect to fit the role of clerics, monks, or even magic-users in a fantasy game...

  4. Thanks Mark !

    Here is another photo to feed your hunger ;)

    Cultist coven vs. the infected [rage-like fast zombies]. I am playing too much Left 4 Dead recently I think...

    The link to the web shop will appear / become active the moment I have all of the castings ready.
    PF150 I will email you with a link once its operational. By the way thanks for registering on my site.

    Question: would you prefer special infected like the not-tank, not-hunter, not-smoker, etc to be cast as separate packages or would a mixed 4 different specials x 2 in one pack be OK ? I could do another pack later on with alternate poses for example.

  5. The cultists look like they'd go well with the 15mm ones...

  6. the infected could also be used as Wretched in Mutants and Death Ray Guns. Well done.