Sunday 28 March 2010

Incoming.....15mm GZG L-UNSC Reinforcements

The latest L-UNSC forces from GZG!

GZG 15mm Sci Fi: L-UNSC
Four riflemen from SG15-U21 on left and 2 SAWs on right

GZG 15mm Sci Fi: L-UNSC SG15-U21

GZG 15mm Sci Fi: L-UNSC SAWs

I really like the new figures shown in the closeups. So much so, that on the same day I got them, I was inspired to cut them up to explore the range of poses available to me once I have more minis to work with.

Moving forward, rifle ready for action
based on photos of real troops/SWAT

Classic Video Game pose!
Strafing/Moving whilst firing to front

Take that SUKKA!
Strafing with SAW

Pure Gears of War

GZG's L-UNSC are definitely going to become my favourite Futuristic/Sci Fi human & Zhodani military for 2010.



  1. Ah good, I was hoping they'd come out with some new poses for these guys soon...

    I wonder if we'll be allowed to sub the new UNSC figures into the Battleforce packs?

  2. Glorious!

    Hoping that GZG will do some more poses for the Free Cal Tex soon also!


  3. These are great! I particularly like the fact that the SAW has a bi-pod and stock. Good stuff!!

  4. Fantastic... I especially like the #2 pose in the top pic. That's easily the best NCO pose I've seen so far... this really makes me want to paint them up as Cobra Vipers. :)

  5. these L-UNSC look extremey cool... I might buy a few once I'll have some money available.

  6. So getting them! :D
    Now just for some more support weapons...

  7. Excellent stuff - and the conversions are nice too. Pack three there Mr Tuffley?