Sunday, 21 November 2010

Additional Optional Rules for USE ME available now

From Alex Scott at
"Many thanks to all of you who have decided to play USE ME for your 15mm sci-fi games.  Thanks for your support!
I am happy to be able to announce that feedback and requests in the last month from players has resulted in another page of free optional advanced rules for the game.
You do not need this document to play USE ME, you can pick and choose the optional rules you want to use based on your own setting and troops from your 15mm sci-fi gaming collection.
The subject of the free page is Cyborg Enslavers, their aims, their motives, their special rules and force compostion examples.
You can get this page for free from the Barking Irons Blog .
You can learn all about this mighty little system for only £3.50 and about the Cyborg Enslavers as pictured are in our SHM Range from £0.35 each on our website ("
Alexander Scott

Cheers Alex

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