Thursday, 4 November 2010

Aces High: Topgun's Grav Scout Vehicles

Grav Armor screaming through the atmosphere at Mach 3, before dropping down to Nap of the Earth level to go hunting for enemy forces......

Well how can I resist a description like that! So I'm now the proud own of a troop of Top Gun Marketing's Grav Scout Vehicles.

Topgun Marketing 15mm Sci Fi
Type 7 Scout Recon Vehicle

These are so uber cool, they're ice, ice baby!

The models themselves are fairly simple. A resin one-piece hull, metal turret with separate metal cannon and missile launchers. There's something very futuristic BMP-2 about the Grav Scout that appeals to me. The fact that the masters were created by hand and not CAD rapid prototyping does just show in the final model. Nevertheless I take my cap off to Rob for such an advanced design.

These are just so different to everything else I own. They are the embodiment of  Classic Traveller: Striker in miniature form and conceptually, I'm blown away. Simply blown away. My prejudiced preconceptions of Grav armour have been freed from being tied to NOE to one of a true multi-dimensional combat environment.



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  2. I've just been reading the latest (here) Man-Kzin wars. I was going to get critical mass for my Felid non-Kzin, but I reckon these are "truer to the book". What a shame Niven isn't a military man, how nice to have this war treated like Hammers Slammers.

    Wonder if they can be temped to make an open-back sled version, or would this be an easy conversion?

    Plus a big near-lander multi turret job?