Thursday 4 November 2010

USEME...... Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements


I realised that I hadn't actually written much about's new Sci Fi Skirmish rules, the Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements or USEME. So I went to look out my copy last night to write a fuller review only to remember that it's in my drawer at work!

What's it doing there? Ah. Things have been a bit tense in the office whilst the powers that be undertake a Priority Based Budgeting exercise - everyone's job on the line. To divert my mind at lunchtimes from the doom and gloom all around I bought some pre-painted HALO minis and  decided to fight some quick and dirty shoot-outs across my L-shaped desk.

Let me tell you - it works, does exactly as it says on the tin. USEME is also really well written and a superb intro to wargaming for the beginner. Both Master Chef and myself are really impressed by both the production quality and game it produces.

I don't actually roll any dice at work, that's just a step too far, says he whose brightly coloured HALO Spartan miniatures are trying to capture the box-file from the weird toy aliens (that's Covenant to you and me) - no, I have a dice function on my ITouch, which makes it a little less...well you know.

How do my work colleagues take it all in? My boss is intrigued. Some think it's cool and others have that 'knowing' smirk - but I have a reputation for being 'different' - so it's just Mark being Mark.

If you want something to pick up and play, even as a set for travel ot to have in hand to introduce newcomers into a game, I recommend USEME as a simple to learn, fun pick up and play set of Sci Fi skirmish rules.

For more infor, check out the dedicated webpage at



  1. I had an opportunity to play a scenario game that used USE ME over the weekend at Fall-in! Panzer Grenadier posted his AAR for the game shortly thereafter. It was a blast.

  2. Does for sci-fi what Hott has done for fantasy.