Sunday, 14 November 2010

More on the Lunar Moonscape Felt Game Mat

We were discussing the new Moonscape Felt Game Mat from Hotz Artworks on Wednesday. Looks like it's a definite goer at both Chez Dropship and Chez Master Chef. Here's the 'hexagon' option with microarmour, seen below. It really makes the craters stand out and may just push me towards some 6mm Sci Fi! We'll be ordering the plain mat with airbrushed craters suitable for 15-20mm miniatures.

Moonscape Felt Mat
Hexagon Option

Eric at Hotz Artworks sent me some further details:
"I will be adding the crater option to our Mars Red, Desert Brown and Snow Field mats as well, as all three can be used for Sci-Fi gaming.  I will be adding a fourth planet mat shortly, just as soon as my airbrush artist has had a chance to work it over".
Looking forward to seeing these! Eric also admitted to being a fan of the classic 70's Sci Fi TV show, UFO which provided some of the inspiration for the Moonscape Felt Game Mat.

See how one fan recreated the SHADO Moonbase here: Moonbase


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  1. The Hotz Mat Moonscape Game Mat received its first customer reviews at TMP (December 1st and December 2nd):