Sunday 7 November 2010

Khurasan's "Hog" Mk1 WIP Continues

If you are wondering, the Hog is taking longer than planned. Following several dry runs assembling the Hog I was left less than confident that the joints for the weapons or legs would stand up to tabletop use. So I carefully drilled out the joints for the legs and cannons by hand.

I've also deployed my granite glue, just to be sure. This is an epoxy resin used on granite stone fireplaces and essentially welds stone to stone. Short of a thermo-nuclear engagement, nothing will shift it, but it needs to be mixed and used in small batches as it sets FAST, which meant a new mix for each joint.

Once the chassis and legs were completed, I glued to a base, again using the granite glue. I recommend taking stock at this point before you attach the weapons and crewman/operator. As only now can you truly start to see the potential of the model outside it's intended role. It struck me that it would be a great vehicle for Space Orks or even Vargr, the latter only needing a headswop. I also tried other weapon systems I had around spare, such as a GZG tri-barrelled rotary cannon, which looked really good.

The sides of the Hog are completely open. I've attached a small bracing bar from plasticard half way up to give the impression of the crewman sitting in a cage with an armoured glacis/door.

Just waiting for the groundwork on the base to dry before continuing....good excuse to stop and watch PREDATORS.

More later......



  1. I've been debating the merits of using magnets for the weapons on a couple of these.