Friday 5 November 2010

Friday Firefight

Solo game....Wing Commander Tabby is shot down outside of Mudd Eisley and has to evade the Harkonnen patrols, the desert greeblies and alien wardroids. We Can Be Heroes 2 heavily laden in Tabby's favour for a cinemtic roller-coaster of a game.

Worked so well, I'm going to replay this with two-three human crew figures being hunted by Pole Bitwy Sci Fi ape troopers, Planet of the Apes style.

Halloween game last week based on Dog Soldiers. Tosh and Freddie make a break for it - 20mm Platoon 20 Falklands Brits, Pole Bitwy Werewolf.

Once I get my Reverand McSweeney conversion finished, there's a 20mm Zombie game in the works.


1 comment:

  1. Looks cool Mark ! Looking forward to your battle reports and photos ;)