Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Cool Wall: The Gekotaa Armoured Car

Some say he hangs upside down like a bat and uses brushes made with Yeti fur. Nevertheless Craig at Critical Mass Games once again shows us how to pimp your 15mm Gekotaa ride with an exotic camo scheme.

 Gekotaa Armoured Car

15mm Sci Fi KAVH9, 8, 7: £7.50 each

15mm Sci Fi KAVH7: £7.50
15mm Sci Fi KAVH8: £7.50

Would Kristin Scott Thomas be happy for you to turn up and take her to dinner in a Gekotaa? If she was being chased by slavvering Zombie hordes or voracious alien flora - you bet!



  1. These look like something that should be driving Harkonens around.


  2. Nice Top Gear reference. I watch that show alot. They are pretty sweet cars.