Monday 8 November 2010

Scotia Grendal CORVUS VTOL: Five by Five

Need to save some colonists daughters? Then saddle up and play it by the numbers, the  "Corvus" VTOL dropship from Scotia Grendel  is warmed up and ready to bring you into a hot LZ.

Scotia Grendel "Corvus" MkIVAssault Carrier
(minus tail fins which are still on sprue)
15mm Khurasan Federal Army figures for comparison

As you can see, the Corvus is an impressive model of a well armed dropship that can believably carry 2 pilots, 8-12 15mm ultimate badasses, a "consultant", new lieutenat and artificial person. The Corvus will work perfectly with both 15mm and 20mm figures as a fine proxy for the Aliens movie dropship. 

I've left off the tail fins as they are still on the sprue and this will be an even more stunning model once it's fully constructed. In addition to provding transport and much needed heavy firepower on the tabletop, the Corvus makes a great statement piece as an objective.

The "Corvus" VTOL (F0036)  is currently £15.00 from Scotia Grendel. A really good price to get "In the pipe. Five by five".



  1. Looks really nice, though I personally prefer the GZG dropships.

  2. Its a good size and a nice enough design considering how old it is! Just one thing I've never been able to figure out from the various pictures that are available - how DO your squad of ultimate badasses actually get in and out of the damn thing???


  3. There's a drop ramp under the tail.


  4. I did one up for my Grymn force and while back it was a very nice kit. Way to small for human so it would work for a small Grymn transport but is really nice with 15mm. It also has some small landing feet to lift it up off the ground a bit, not much detial on them but you can always add to it. All in all a nice kit.

  5. Wow! I've been waiting for this model for years! The first proper size 15mm drop ship that you can believe in!!!

    "In the pipe. Five by five".