Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Life, Work, The Universe...... White Stuff

2" of snow and the country descends into chaos. Every year it's a shock - "My god! White stuff!" Of course it's not as simple as that. But the point is, why can't we as a nation plan to mitigate it where possible and accept that for a couple of days, life might not be as normal. Couple of days I said - that doesn't mean panic buying at the Co-op! It's all about a sense of proportion and preparedness.

This is our winter wonderland on Saturday

 Saturday Evening!

 Sunday Evening!

Tuesday! Hills, what hills?
Haven't seen them since Sunday lunchtime

Why didn't I collect Star Wars action figures? Right now, that snow in the garden could make a great Hoth battlefield!

Time to raid Forbidden Planet in Aberdeen!

4" of snow fell in an hour on Saturday evening and we now have about a foot outside with drifts up to three feet. Heather has been away on business in Oxford and caught up in the resulting travel chaos. She finally walked through the door at 2am this morning - making the last plane to Aberdeen, which touched down bang on midnight. My thanks go to the anonymous ex-Bootneck taxi driver who braved blizzard and an icy but deserted dual carriageway to bring her home. I cleared the Freelander around 1am, in case I had to meet them half way, but thanks to her driver, Heather only had to walk the final hundred yards to return home safe.



  1. I love the Lego pic, nice!

  2. Stay warm buddy! We just got rid of our white stuff. I can wear shorts again!


  3. If you didn't se this earlier in the year you'll enjoy this:


  4. I envy you! :)

    Here in Israel it rarely goes below 10 degrees centigrade in the night, can get as high as 30 degrees centigrade (!) during the day, and hardly even rains; the sun shines all day long on most days. Of snow I can only dream...

  5. Omer, Why don't we swap ? You take our snow [Poland] and we keep your sunshine and nice, warm weather :D Currently we have about -25 degrees. Lower temp expected after dark :D

  6. Heh. We just got our first snow of the season today. It was just little icy pellets though. Not quite snow, not quite rain and not quite hail. More like freezing Styrofoam bits dropping on us. Lol

  7. I want Stormtroopers in 15 mmm ;(
    Ive got two AT AT and am waiting for Stormies for ages