Friday 16 April 2010

Cracked the Special Assault Brigade

Managed to crack my painting stalemate with Jon's Special Assault Brigade! I settled for Vallejo Orange Ochre, with the help of a Mohican separate head from GZG's SG15-XH1 Heads pack.

15mm Sci Fi: Harkonnen Drop Trooper WIP

The headswop above took me 20 minutes plus a large glass of Crows Fountain whilst I carefully pared away the helmet. Made harder by the fact that I'd already assembled and undercoated the figure. Still have fine detailing and some tidying up to go but I think he's turned into a damn fine 15mm Sci Fi masterpeice - screaming dynamic character.

Why the headswop? Look at the pic! The result is so frakkin cool! Straight off the cover of a Dan Abnett novel. 28mm comes to 15'. What other reason do I need!

Rest of the squad in Mohicans like this - 15 man platoon and then maybe a squad or more in Space Marine blue for the hell of it! Hoo-Ahh!



  1. Horses for courses naturally but I think the original head is the coolest part of the model! Never a fan of the "heavily armoured everywhere except where I need it most" school of sci fi. Nice work on the conversion though.


  2. As always a nicely converted mini.

    I am going to listen to the voices that say paint one up as Iron man though !!!!!

  3. wow, that is actually great!

  4. Looking good! Those heaswaps make a world of difference!

  5. Perhaps the best head swap I've ever seen. Awesome!