Tuesday 13 April 2010

Reign of Steel: 15mm Combat Droids from The Scene

Picked up a copy of GURPS: Reign of Steel yesterday for a few pounds in PLAN 9 Aberdeen's original comic and game store.

It proved to be a great read on the train home. Whilst there was a nod to a certain Terminator and Skynet the background was interesting and plausible enough not to simply be a hackneyed copy of the Terminator movies and seemed to be easily transportable to a hundred other worlds.

So, just as I'm thinking about robo armies to populate my post apocalypse wasteland, inspired by Reign of Steel - Mike at The Scene sends me a flurry of emails showing his latest WIP Skeletal Droids:

15mm human sized

Around 20mm tall

There will be 5 poses with three weapons options for each type of Droid (gatling guns,
laser guns and flame throwers).

The first packs should be available in 4 weeks.



  1. I always loved the Reign of Steel setting, but never got to play in it.

  2. Oh dear, may as well buy them, they'll only be back

  3. How original.

    First chap looks rather like robo-Joe Jackson.