Wednesday 14 April 2010

Dilemmas, Dilemmas...painting Khurasan's 15mm Special Assault Brigade

I have one of Jon's new Special Assault Brigade troopers on my workbench and have been agonising for days over how to paint him. I want a scheme that reflects his Power Marine status yet clearly shows him to be Hi Sci Fi.

This guy and his compadres is going to create havoc on a dozen starships, fight on asteroids and generally fight man's battles 1-2-1 on the Higher Ground of space. I think they would look fantastic black, perhaps with white accents - but a Mass Effect white armour with a red helmet, red shoulder joints and shin protectors also appeals.

On the train this morning I thought about Space Marine blue - but next month I have just shy of 200 15mm 'Space Marines ' to paint and they are mostly if not wholly destined to be painted this scheme.

In the end I might just plump safe with Vallejo German Orange Ochre. There are hard battles to be fought with Tom.War on terra firma in the coming months as the houses struggle for Mudd Eisley and the spice trade.

ps Jon's updated his website with his latest releases.



  1. You know it really is tempting to go crazy when painting scifi models. I always go through a struggle of realistic vs cool. I suppose this is one of the appeals of 40K is that there is no real concern with realism in the uniforms of 95% of the troops.

    One could argue that futuristic sensors might make optical camouflage pointless and so why not go for shock value in uniforms. Also, alien troops might not careo r have cultural concerns that insist on colorful uniforms.


  2. I just finished some GZG 15mm NI in a series of "Blues", ...far right................The thought being that tech at this level will have visual as well as signature i.e. (Heat, Ir, Em etc.) camouflage capabilities. So why not dress them up in there parade colors with the thought being that when they hit planetside they will become chameleons.

    Just a thought as I was driven crazy for a week as to what to do with the New Israelis'.

    John Hogan

  3. Maybe khaki green or even 'bug' yellow-green ? On the other hand completely white with black stripes might be useful ?

  4. Paint them Gunmetal Blue. Reaper Miniatures has an awesome Gunmetal Blue in their Master Series Paints. I'm painting my FWC PacFed battleforce that color and they look awesome.

    Spartan 117