Thursday 1 April 2010

Critical Mass Games - Future Arc Fleet Releases

Had a great chat with Craig last night, chewin' the fat about life at the CMG werkz, the current state of 15mm Sci Fi, sculpting, casting, painting minis, life, my work et al.

Subsequently, here are photos of new greens we can look forward to later in the year.

First up, by popular request - Arc Fleet Light Recon support weapons!

Many gamers, including myself and Master Chef will be delighted to see these figures become available to supplement their existing Light Recon minis.

Next up, we can also expect more Arc Fleet Augmented Drop Troopers.

In both cases I think the additional figures nicely round out the currently available packs of Arc Fleet miniatures.

At this time, Craig expects these new packs will be available towards the end of the summer. To keep up to date with Critical Mass Games news visit their Forum at:


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