Monday 12 April 2010

Huw Solo and the Temple of Artemis

Mutants And Death Ray Guns:
After Action Report:

Huw Solo, a newsvid announcer on New Cardiff until he fell foul of Imperial Broadcasting Protocol 5, now pilot-owner of un unlicenced scout-courier "The Millenium Nova", in which he claims to have run the Golden Mile in less than 4 Parsecs and to have "outrun Peugot Patrol 205s, the GTIs'" - not the local stuff". His gunner / mechanic is Gryff, a large woollyback from the Moons of Llandyssul. Desperate for ready cash Huw takes on a job from a cigar smoking space chick pilot in a battered viper interceptor who offers him 5000cr to search for the Arrow of Artemis at a ruined temple on Caprica IV.

The Nova landed the other side of a ridge from the temple and Huw and his crew (augmented by Dave the Mullett, a SAW toting ex member of BritishArmy PLC trekked towards the temple. What the cigar munching pilot hadn't told Huw was that a Vargr clan worshipped what to them was the Arrow of Sirius and a posse of Dog Soldiers were on route to the temple to blat the heretics, armed to the teeth with retooled SLRs stolen from BlueSun RetroTech GmbH.......

As the temple came into sight, so did three Vargr - who opened up on the crew, missing completely. Dave ducked behind a tree but Huw spun and drilled a vargr messily - the second bolted while Gryff lamped out a frag grenade from his bowlauncher just as another group of vargr popped up to the south of the temple. Dave ripped into them with the SAW, dropping one whilst Gryff put out another frag which took out another vargr; the others ran for it.

The crew reached the temple and Huw started his search; then Dave spotted movement in the treeline and with a shout of "VARGR! ACTION RIGHT!" let rip with the SAW - pinning a group of Galactic Patrol who had landed on a tip off of stolen weapons.....the cops closed in while Huw scrabbled about in the ruins and Dave and Gryff kept the cops at bay. With laser fire zapping into the ruins, Gryff fragged a cop but got pinned, with Dave engaging a Cop to the north, a cop got a bead on Huw who dived hard behind a fallen column as laser bolts ripped overhead. He rolled planting a pistol round into the cop. Huw then realised he had his foot on a rather tarnished bronze arrow.......

A hail of frags and SAW fire pinned the cops in the treeline as the crew hoofed it towards the ridge and the Nova; just as Huw scrabbled down the ridge a Cop popped up and drilled a laser bolt right at his head but Huw ducked, aimed and slotted the cop...with a last dash they reached the Nova just as the cops realised they were there to investigate dodgy arms deals, not heavily armed archaological vandals.....

And so to The Last Chancer where Huw had to get payment from that Viper pilot...

- Huw Solo -
Q4 C2 Danger Sense, Flak Jacket, Hero, Sharpshooter, pistol

- Gryff the Woollyback -
Q3 C3 Steadfast, Savage, Tough, Crossbowgrenade thrower

- Dave the Mullet -
Q3 C2 Flak, sharpshooter, SAW

- Crazy Vargr -
Q4 C3 long move, superior senses, SLRs

- Space Cops -
Q4 C2 flak jacket, laser rifle, linked comms

Master Chef


  1. Bloody hell more action in that report than your average Vinnie Jone film !!!!!!

  2. You used re-purposed SWM minis ?

  3. Good stuff! Just played my first few games of MDRG last week, and I'm extremely impressed with the versatility of the game.

  4. SWM Piotr? Not on this blog!

    Huw – converted FoW german tankcrewman

    Gryff – ditto but with more greenstuff involved

    Dave – converted PP African militia with RPD and link bandolier.

    Cops are GZG L-UNSC “not zods”, Vargr RAFM.


  5. Well thank you for the kind words. Bunker - I really like MDRG, its more cinematic than Flying Lead and thats more SF i think

    Mark beat me to the punch with your question Piotr but:

    Dave - was based on the ex SAS guy who defended Hotel Mammy Yoko with a GMPG in the ace memoir "Always A Pilgrim". So I gave him a greenstuff bandolier of link and painted him in Gap style cargos not combats

    Huw - an attempt to make 15mm Han Solo. The fig was in a tank jacket and firing a luger, so it was a simple paint job and make the pistol a bit more blaster with a boxier mag in front of the trigger

    Gryff - yes a homemade wookie. the fig was firng an MP40 from the shoulder, so i cut down the mag and covered the entire fig in greenstuff, keeping limbs distinct. then i textured it to look like fure, poking in two eyes and a mouth. then a crossed pair of bandoliers stowed with grenades. a bit of fuse wire for the arms of the bow and voila!

    To be honest, this game was influenced 25% by Galactica, 25% Firefly and 50% "Taff Wars", the Valleys spoof of Star Wars on youtube.