Friday 30 April 2010

Wasteland Terrain WIP: Almost there!

Finally ready to paint my wasteland terrain tomorrow.

Wasteland Outpost WIP

For my groundwork, I wanted to create the impression of cars and pipes buried in the earth with sand/dirt collected by the wind building up between them. I use a premixed 'flexible' Polyfilla combined with a small amount of PVA glue. This makes the Polyfilla very creamy and easy to spread but will also improve adhesion and final resilience to handling.

Once set, I spread a liberal coat of PVA over the bare Polyfilla, placing the rocks where I want them before shaking on the sand. I tend to push the sand down into the PVA with my fingers to ensure a good hold. When dry, I turn the piece over and tap the bottom to remove any loose sand/rocks. Finally, I water down PVA (50-50) before washing it over the sand and rocks with a 1" or 2" emulsion brush. This final coat not only holds everything together but provides a sound surface for taking paint. Then leave this overnight to dry out.

I bought a can of Krylon Warm Aubegine - a dark brick red-brown - matt spray paint to prime/basecoat the vehicles and metalwork on the bases. I thought it would be a decent base colour for drybrushing various brown and orange shades of rust.


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