Friday, 26 February 2010

FREE Stellar refugees from!

So, I'm discussing post-apocalyptic scenery ideas this morning and BANG! Gavin at comes up with a great freebie for you! 15mm Sci Fi
HOF 58 Stellar Refugees

a free pack of HOF58 Stellar Refugees (10 miniatures) worth £3.50. You just pay the postage! If you are placing an order with anyway, the pack is completely free!

Offer is available until Friday 12th March 2010

Click here for details:

These Stellar Refugees will make great inhabitants (or Zombie/Alien fodder) for the new Sci Fi settlements from GZG and Battle Works Studios!

You can also now pick up the Refuggees as single castings at HOF Individuals!

Whilst on the subject of Stellar Refugees, HOF Fireteam now has a dedicated Refugee inspired mission:

To get your free scenario pdf, email Gavin and Alex through the webstore or download from the files section of the HOF Fireteam Yahoo Group. Click on the HOF Fireteam logo in the right-hand panel of this blog!



  1. Might have to go for these. The last sample set I picked up was their mercenaries set and those figures made for good armed colony and PA folks.

  2. Ive ordered, i could use civilians as victims and scenario fodder.

    I just hope they are more 15 mm than Trattors


  3. MEGA THANX FOR THIS NEWS! I've just ordered them!