Sunday 21 February 2010

IN THE PIPE... 15mm Cafferata APC

Tonight, an exclusive colour render of the Cafferata APC. A 15mm Sci Fi AFV available from Jon at Khurasan Miniatures in about a month's time.

Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Sci Fi
Cafferata APC

The image is a full render of the completed rapid prototyping design. So it will look precisely like the colour image right down to the smallest details in the illustration above.


"The Cafferata is the main APC used by the Federal Marines. The Marines call them "camels" or, more often, simply "trucks." It's a conventional/anti-grav hybrid, with retractable wheels. (It's illustrated here in low hover, the wheels retracted.) As an anti-grav fuel-saving measure, the wheels can be deployed, in road mode, and the vehicle's anti-grav engines make electricity to turn them, rather than hovering the vehicle, as road mode requires far less fuel. It can achieve quite respectable speeds of 70-80 kph in road mode, under ideal ground circumstances. The vehicle can also operate as a normal anti-grav craft, of course.

Its sensor suites is very sensitive to sudden changes in altitude, and the vehicle's anti-grav engines kick on automatically if, for instance, the ground or ice give way, a bridge collapses, etc. (Of course the vehicles can just cross rivers by hovering over as well.) If a tire is shot out, the antigrav engines on that flank deploy automatically to keep the vehicle level, or it can
just switch to anti-grav mode.

Marine vehicles used anti-grav mode almost exclusively in the Sepulvedan War, as Sepulveda is one of the galaxy's leading supplies of angravium!

This vehicle has quite a punch with its heavy autocannon and two missile boxes, but its primary purpose is to transport the marines into battle. The L-HAC is the main battle vehicle of the Federation.

The mode is almost exactly 75mm (3") long. It is designed to transport a squad of ten marines, plus crew. It comes with a flight base, four wheels, a hull and a turret. The turret has a heavy autocannon and two missile boxes. The wheels can be attached in anti-grav mode or road mode.

The vehicle is named after a Terran Marine hero from a pre-Federal Terran war of the C20th , the "Korean War." (Click here)."

I really like the look of this APC. Chatting with Jon it appears that elements of the Bradley were used within the design. I think the Cafferata is an incredibly versatile and workmanlike model that will easily look comfortable on both hospitable and inhospitable worlds complimenting a wide range of manufacturer's figures on the market.

In wheeled mode I see it operating on my tabletop in tandem with GZG's new AV-7 Utility VTOL Transports and Rebel Minis Modern Americans (as 'Colonial Marine' style Mid-tech Sci Fi).



  1. WOW!! LOVE that thing!

    Khurasan's corporate mercs will definitely be riding in style on one of my game tables soon!

  2. This is a cool vehicle. I am not so keen on the tech and back story, but I can definitely see buying this vehicle. I wanted to go wheeled for my Chinese troops and this may end up being their ride.

    Where is the troop door on this thing?

    BTW, there was a similar hybrid in one of the Traveller/2300 AD books that was a transport truck using both GEV and wheeled drive. It used a retractable hoverskirt instead of grav though.

  3. Hhm, Ive always wondered on which those all fancy grav tanks supports their structure while landed, This one shows it clearly :>

    It may make my Felids APCs, as i don't like Felid transport as military vehicle (it is cool but looks to much like utility tractor of some kind)


  4. I'm with Mr. Arndt, want to see the troop access... :)
    But love the idea of redundant motive systems; good fluff & a great option for the models themselves.
    Very cool looking vehicles.

  5. Ooh, cool, what's it drawn in?

  6. Peabody, access is from the back, two doors that swing out to either side, offering a bit more protection from flanking fire.

    Glad you like the concept! It was inspired by the multifuel vehicles deployed by some militaries in the mid-late 20th centuries. It also has the practical value of giving the gamer a wheeled vehicle if he doesn't like the concept of anti-grav.

  7. GeoffQRF:

    The model was created and rendered in Rhino 3d

  8. Definitely a buy for my traveller games. With dual it would be a great scout, merc, or pirate vehicle; or maybe for a low-high tech military force.