Sunday, 28 February 2010

GZG Shack Set Introductory Offer Ends Tonight!

on SUNDAY 28th FEBRUARY 2010

Buy V15-COL4 SHACK SET and GZG will give you a FREE randomly-chosen pack of 15mm SF civilians/colonists to populate your settlement!

OR buy the Shack Set AND the Colony Bar (either A or B version) and GZG give you TWO different civilian/colonist packs FREE!

To claim your free pack(s), you MUST mention this offer and ask for them in the "comments" field of the order!!!

Each V15-COL4 SHACK SET contains enough parts to create FIVE different Sci Fi shacks/shanties. Plus a free pack of accessories - mine included a satellite dish, generator (?) and three small cargo pods!

GZG 15mm Sci Fi
V15-COL4 Sci Fi Shack Set £22

The Introductory Offer freebies I received were a pack SG15-V4 Techs and crew, which suits an idea I am mulling over for a 'Company' outpost.

The 'Company' settlement has a group of 'Habi-shacks', a Company Bar/Grill (V15-Col1B), a Company store (V15-Col1A) and a variety of functional buildings based around GZG's Pre-fab Base Modules:

Office - Comms Module (V15-PBM3)
Manager's Office - Command Module (V15-PBM2)
Manager's Quarters - General Purpose Module (V15-PBM1)

If it's a small Company outpost, perhaps restrict the administrative and managerial overheads to just a Comms Module and Manager's Quarters. Larger Company outposts will have General Purpose Modules as workrooms/tech offices and perhaps an Extended Barracks (V15-PBM5) for tech or specialist personnel.

Carrying on the theme, I wonder if one of the new Critical Mass Games Protolene Ayame Predator Battlesuits - painted yellow, would make a good construction or engineering droid? also have a lot of decent droids that can inexpensively populate the Company outpost with mechanical help...... but what if THEIR AI is corrupted or deliberately sabotaged! Humans being hunted by their own machines a la Westworld (1973). Great potential for a very different and fun scenario!



  1. I ordered the set out of the game fund money I set aside from our tax return. Fortunately I have a lot of civilian minis.

  2. Absolutely did not miss this opportunity. If it weren't for the Fan-Vans I would have picked up TWO sets of the Sci-fi Shack Set...

  3. I love that idea of a construction robot. Remember Lt. Ripley getting into that huge exoskeleton cargo lifter in one of the lesser Alien films?

  4. You are definately tempting me. They look ace!

  5. Thanks for the reminder! Just got an order in for the shacks, along with some tanks and a ton of extra colonists. I have lots of troops, but I needed more civilians for some of the scenarios we've been running lately.

  6. Have you looked at any of the Mechwarrior clicky 'Mechs or Star Wars miniatures droids? Although neither are 15mm scale, they can look quite good as 15mm robots with little or no conversion work, just a quick re-paint. I've got an example on my blog:
    I've also got some examples of "rusty corrugated metal" if anyone is thinking of painting up GZG shacks as being very rusty and decrepit!