Thursday, 11 February 2010

TopGun Grav Armour: Pre-Order Discount

Topgun Marketing are now taking Pre-production Orders for the new 'Ablat' panelled Grav Tanks illustrated in last night's post:

Type 7 Scout/Recon Grav vehicle
$12.99 each
$47.99 for 4

Type 8 Light Mortar/Point Defense vehicle
$12.99 each
$24.99 for 2

Type 9 Light Grav Tank
$13.99 each
$51.99 for 4

Type 10 Medium Grav Tank Hunter

$13.99 each

$51.99 for 4

Type 11 Medium Grav Tank
$13.99 each
$51.99 for 4

When ordering this version, please make sure you specify “Ablat” on the order, for ablative armor. For other variants, specify “AADS” ©, or “Smooth”, along with the vehicle Type number designation, e.g. 4 x Type 10 with AADS, 2 x Type 9 with Ablat, 6 x Type 22 Smooth, etc.


Customers living in the USA will get free 1st Class Mailing for ordering a pre-paid Platoon (4 vehicles). Those living outside of the USA will receive 50% off of normal international shipping charges, e.g. 10% of the cost of their order.

In addition, Platoon and Section Packs will include free clear, acrylic flight bases and magnets, to allow you to represent your units as hovering.

Individual vehicles will not receive the discounted shipping, or the free flight bases and magnets, and will be shipped at normal handling rates.

You can combine Platoon Packs, and additional individual purchases, in order to qualify for the flight bases and magnets - plus free (US), or discounted (rest of world) shipping.

Please Note – the current AADS, or the Smooth-Hulled Grav Tank variants are no longer eligible for the Pre-Order Deal, but may be included with your order, at their normal prices. However if you purchase a minimum of a platoon of the pre-release vehicles they will also be eligible for free/discounted shipping).

Finally, Topgun's auxilliary AADS and 'Smooth-Hulled' Grav armour, the Scout/Recon, Light Mortar/Point Defense, Heavy Mortar/Point Defense, APC’s, IFV’s, and Ammo Carriers will be available for sale within the next fortnight. These are also eligible for the Pre-Order Discount Deal.

The Pre-Order Discount Deal
will run till Feb. 28th, 2010.

The first ten people to pre-pay for at least a Platoon Pack of Grav armour will receive larger free-flight cubes. These are designed to represent Grav armour flying at a NOE height of six feet above ground level. Four of these will be included with each qualifying order.


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