Sunday 14 February 2010

GZG Lean-to Shanty

Jon sent me a pre-production model of his 15mm Sci Fi Colony Bar, but asked me to hold off making it until he sent some alternative parts including a lean-to extension.

What you see is suitably shack-like lean-to with a SciFi twist - like it's been knocked together from corrugated metal or plasmetal panels - it can be the kitchen, toilets, store or whatever. The parts fit together very easily and attach to the side of the Colony Bar, providing it with more of that established colony or Post-Apoc Diner 'lived-in' look.

There is also a neat new rear wall panel for the main building with a door in it - well, every bar needs a back entrance for sharp exits, doesn't it?!

Jon designed the lean-to so that it would be possible to create a range of shanties very quickly and easily using these parts. We were talking about potentially a mixed pack of enough total parts for several shanties/shacks, which can then be assembled in any combination the builder chooses!

I'll keep you up to date with progress on the shanty, but don't forget to have your input too. Jon is always open to suggestions for extending or improving the range.



I cleaned up the Colony Bar and shack extension this evening. Despite being under attack from a pair of very curious cats, managed to complete a dry run, putting the entire building together (minus awning) without any glue whatsoever. Damn it looks good! Unfortunately, what man puts together, cat can knock asunder! You'll have to wait till I glue it tomorrow evening to see photos.


  1. Wow... no shacks in this scale, and now they're coming out from both GZG and The Scene at the same time. Very nice... now I have to get some Crusties!

  2. Brilliant idea. Interested to see how many shapes and sizes of shanty will be possible with the pieces in a basic pack.

    Of course some shanties can / will be built as ransacked or exposed to the elements & that will add to variety.

    With GZG's pricing and service this is a good reason to hold off on making my own shanties from textured styrene. The time savings alone will be awesome.

  3. GZG now has enough stuff that fits in with my current projects to convince me to purchase a sizable order from them... now if I could find some spare cash...

  4. I hope these mesh well with my already large collection of shanties made from textured scrapbooking paper and scrap card and balsa.