Tuesday, 2 February 2010

More Khurasan Resistance Fighters - Preview

Jon has sent me the latest WIP photos from Khurasan Miniatures forthcoming Human Resistance Fighters - an RPG gunner, Commander and female Medic.

Lovely looking minis 'Zar ne?' Can't wait get hold of these for Ambush Alley, Force on Force, Tom.War and even AK47 Republic as Balkan and Chechnyan militia. I can already hear Master Chef muttering "Sword Worlders!"

The Medic carries a heavy load of medical kit and is armed with an SMG for when you "Absolutely, positively, have to take out every Transhuman in the room".

Jon advises me that they will not be available to purchase immediately due to his casting cycle. Never mind, definitely one to look forward to!

The range will consist of:

- four basic fighters with pulse rifles (sculpted, being cast)
- support/command -- medic, rocketeer, leader (sculpted)
- truck crew gunners -- one autocannon, one missile launcher, one male gunner, one female gunner, one female companion with pulse rifle (sculpted, being cast)
- one hero (male scientist in special armour) -- specs provided
- one inspirational platoon commander (young woman) -- specs provided
- one civilian tracked pickup truck to serve as a technical -- complete
= three horse-mounted resistance fighters with pulse rifles -- planned



  1. They'd also look great for John Connor's resistance army in a Terminator game...mix and match with the GZG militia and Laserburn Levy guys I have in mind.....voila...now where to get 15mm "gun cars" and "gun trucks" suitable for use?

  2. I was thinking they would make a good group of resistance fighters for a colony.

  3. Nice figures! Want them, too! The commander and the medic have 'adventurers' written all over them and there's always someone in the party who wants to lug around some 'eavy Metal'. For a gun truck, the little GZG g/truck, with or without the deck gun, is a nice little flatbed, and there's a hover version as well

  4. I saw those, but I was looking for something a mite more "contemporary" Kobold. I think PP's offerings from their African Wars range might be the ticket?



  5. I've actually had a truck designed specifically for these guys, and gunners/weaponry to go in that truck. It's a tracked pickup truck that will serve as their "technical."

  6. Link to the truck on Dropship Horizon here:

  7. "one hero (male scientist in special armour) -- specs provided" - for a minute I read that as being a male scientist in special armour with glasses, sort of like this:

    Does he come with a crowbar though?

  8. Very nice. Those might just push me over the edge to 15mm.

    It's getting harder to resist.

  9. I'm definitely looking forward to this... They'll fit one of the planets in my Traveller setting very well.