Monday, 8 February 2010

Monday Night Bodyswerve

Came home from work enthused and ready to finish painting the Rebel Minis 15mm Spec Forces figures I was dabbling with yesterday. And then I got distracted.......

First up, a GZG headswop (pack SG15-XH2) on a Rebel Minis 15mm Spec Forces Operator with HK at Alert Carry.

I needed to change the head as it was miscast with the left goggle lens much higher than the right - it reminded me of that episode of Citizen Smith where Tucker's wife knitted balaclavas for our errant urban revolutionaries! So it had to go and hey presto! - we get 'Carmen' (Angie Jibaja), Peruvian SF assigned to the Ghosts (yeah right!).

Then whilst I had the glue out and bit of space to work on - I decided to put together Khurasan's Space Demon Colossus.

It is a beautiful model. Once again, the photo here does not do it justice. It is really scary in it's own right and will be the pride of your Hive Army! The tripod leg design is a masterpiece!

Click on pic for larger image

Some construction tips:

1. Make sure the legs are straightened before you attach them.

2. Attach the back leg first!

3. The two front legs will not fit firmly without some work. I cleaned out the sockets with an old craft knife but even then be prepared to clip the tabs on the legs slightly to allow a snug fit.

4. Put a small layer of Miliput/Green Stuff or Epoxy resin in the bottom of the socket to make for a really firm long-lasting grip.

5. The metal is like cheese to work with. Strong but carves/cuts easily. Careful when prepping the model.

In all, 5 minutes to prep, 5 minutes to sort the leg attachments, 5 minutes to glue/hold the legs in place. I thought the legs would take much longer, but even with the extra 'work' - no time at all!

Back to undercoating this beauty and painting more miniatures.......


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