Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Harkonnen Combat Droids

First Harkonnen Squad is finished give or take a bit of fine detailing on these combat droids.

I was going to use Walker Drones but changed my mind for something that looked a bit more 'Harkonnen' and most definitely 'desert proof'. So I decided to use two of the forthcoming figures from Critical Mass Games 'Mercenaries' (MERC) range.

I've painted the combat droids Vallejo German Orange Ochre to match the Harkonnen's desert patrol APCs and stand apart from the grunts. I like these Critical Mass minis a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the torture of paiting them. I will buy more to use as 'Assault Droids' when they are officially released.



  1. Cool! Those will definitely fill a niche where Terminators just aren't appropriate.

  2. Those ARE the droids I am looking for!

  3. Harkonen's are using Combat Droids! A blatent violation of the First Commandment of the Orange Catholic Bible!

    The other houses of the Landsradd won't stand for this! Contact the Spacing Guild and have the Highliners ready!