Wednesday, 17 February 2010

15mm SF Shanty Town

Intercept from Jon at GZG:

"SUBJECT: It's all your fault...;-)

Hi Mark!

Since you were playing around with the Bar extension parts I sent you, to make a stand-alone shack/shanty, you got me going on this.....

GZG 15mm Sci Fi

I've now made a whole set of shack parts that can be mixed-and-matched to make a HUGE number of variants - so many that I can't handle the complexity of specifying individual codes, so they are available in two ways:
  • as single shacks with a RANDOM choice of parts,
  • and as a set of five with at least one of every part (there are actually 5 different front walls, 5 back walls, 5 roofs and 3 different sets of side walls, all of which can be assembled in any combination).

Hope you like the quick pic of the "SF shanty town", using the Bar, the five shacks, one of the new very large shipping containers (the Bar is built from two of these welded together) and some of the recent cargo pods. I was going to spray some primer on them, but they look great just in the bare metal ....!! ;-)

GZG 15mm Sci Fi
V15-COL1B Colony Bar (with extension)

Anyway, they are all moulded and ready now, including the AV-7, they will be up on the store soon.

The full list is:


V15-COL1A Colony Bar (basic structure)
- makeshift building from welded shipping containers, with signboard and porch £9.00

V15-COL1B Colony Bar (with extension)
- as COL1A, but with added lean-to side extension (kitchen, store etc.) £12.00

V15-COL2A Large shipping container

- (5 part kit, approx. 70mm x 28mm) £6.00

V15-COL3 Single Colony Shack/Shanty
- RANDOM MIX of parts to make 1 shack (4 walls, 1 roof) £5.00


- mix of parts to make FIVE colony shacks, all different, plus FREE accessories! £22.00

Introductory Special Offer:

Buy the V15-COL4 SHACK SET before the end of February and we'll give you a FREE randomly-chosen pack of 15mm SF civilians/colonists to populate your settlement!
OR buy the Shack Set AND the Colony Bar (either A or B version) before the end of February and we'll give you TWO different civilian/colonist packs FREE!

To claim your free pack(s), you MUST mention this offer and ask for them in the "comments" field of the order - if you don't ask, you don't get! ;-)

on SUNDAY 28th FEBRUARY 2010.

Also New 15mm GZG Vehicles:

V15-80A AV-7 "FanVan" Utility Transport VTOL
- 10 part all-metal kit, with positionable fan nacelles and chin turret with tribarrel cannon. £8.00

V15-PB80 "Flight" Deal

- 3 x AV-7 VTOLs £22.00

V15-81A Kra'Vak Grav Attack Drones
- (pack of 2) inc. clear plastic stands £3.50 per pack.

All the best!


Well Jon, for once, I don't mind being at fault! Bloody Excellent! This ramps 15mm Sci Fi gaming up another level!



  1. Very nice, I'll have to get some once I get caught up on projects. Yaright, I'll have to get some shortly after they're available. :)

    One nit to pick. The bar doesn't look like it's made from two cargo containers. The roof panels don't look like two parts welded together. However, it does look like it was made from a single double-wide cargo container. Perhaps putting together a doublewide door panel to replace the bar front and back pieces is in order.

  2. These look excellent.
    I am being drawn into this 15mm lark. Doesn't help AA have got me sculpting it now!